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Purchasing a new home or property is one of the biggest and most costly decisions of your life.  It is an investment for you and your financial future.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have the structural integrity of your property examined by a well qualified licensed inspector.  Only after a detailed inspection will you find the confidence and solace you need to move forward with your investment.  Below is a list of home inspection services, please contact me with any questions you may have.  I look forward to working with you and providing you the best service in the Greater Puget Sound.

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Pre-Buyer Inspections

A pre-buyer inspection is a home inspection ordered by the buyer.  It is for the benefit of the buyer as it details any major issues or deficiencies with the property such as safety hazards and longevity of structural and internal home systems. This inspection will provide the buyer with a thorough and detailed report of the home, full of pictures and explanations, giving the buyer confidence and peace of mind.

Seller Inspections

This inspection is used by the seller to assist with getting the property  ready for market. Having a seller inspection is a great way to avoid any unexpected issues that could arise when going into contract.

11 Month Warranty Inspection
Do you have a 1 year home warranty? Schedule your 11 month home warranty inspection to discover if there are any problems, damages, or concerns that can be addressed and fixed by the builder - covered by the warranty and free of charge to you. We can also discuss home maintenance to keep your home like-new for years to come.

Condo/Town Home Inspections

Condo and Town Home Inspections are just as important as single family home inspections.  Some Condos and Town Homes are separate units and some are attached to larger complexes.  MKhominspections will inspect the interior and exterior of the unit to provide you with the condition of the unit and complex as a whole.  This is important to avoid future costly home owners and/or association dues.  Interior inspections only available upon request. Inspection fees may vary depending on type of unit.

Multi-plex Inspections

Duplexes, Triplexes, and Fourplexes should also be inspected to make sure they are meeting proper codes and safety requirements under Washington State Law. Inspection fees may vary depending on size of unit.

Manufactured Home Inspections

Manufactured homes or "mobile" homes can have unique features that should be inspected such as proper structural anchoring and holds in addition to all other elements of a home inspection.

New Home Construction Inspections

Even with a new home purchase or new home build, it is important to have a home inspection to evaluate the quality of work and construction to make sure that the builder has not cut any corners at the expense of the owner.

Specialty Inspections Upon Request

Specialty Inspections are available upon request, such as: interior or exterior only, maintenance, roof inspection, and repair evaluations.  Other specialty inspections are available upon request. 

Thermal Imaging

Ask about our Annual Maintenance Program

Annual maintenance inspections are like a checkup for your home. It's important to have an annual inspection on a regular basis to ensure that no new damages or problems may occur. With our Annual Maintenance Program after your first full inspection you will receive a discounted rate for each annual inspection you schedule. Email us for more information.